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From time to time and as a result of the evolving nature of all things IC&T we feel compelled to share with the general public advice that we are providing to our clients.

The following is a list of recent such advice:


Hack acknowledged on Microsoft 365
Early in June 2023, Microsoft’s 365 systems suffered a Denial of Service attack which highlights, yet again, the need for businesses to retake control over their data and their business.



The Optus hack is just the beginning of the challenge
On Thursday 22nd September, 2022 and as required under Australian law, Optus reported that it had suffered a “hack” that resulted in the private information of many millions of its current and past customers being stolen. This breach of security has potentially long and wide-reaching ramifications.



UPnP epitomises the battle between convenience and security
UPnP is extensively and usually unwittingly used to allow a known and trusted device to quickly and easily communicate with unknown and foolish-to-trust devices on the completely-untrustworthy Internet and, if you’re set up to use it, those unknown and impossible-to-trust devices on the Internet are able to communicate however they want. You have no control over it, you won’t even know it is happening.



Windows 7 Error - You don’t have permission to shut down this computer
Early in Feburary 2020, only weeks after Microsoft officially made Windows 7 “end of supported life”, something strange is affecting people’s computers. Here are the step by step instructions to overcome the problem.



Office 365 Security Advisory
Hackers/Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods in their attempts to steal money from people. Organisations that are using Microsoft’s Office 365 email servers are potentially at significant risk, particularly if they’re using the default/standard Office 365 configuration settings.



Microsoft Cloud vs On Premise
Over recent years we have been asked any number of times to provide advice on the virtues of Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud environment as an alternative to the conventional Microsoft Exchange On-Premises approach. In most cases, most but not necessarily all, we find that the On-Premises approach remains the smarter approach in terms of both cost and control.




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